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Concrete scales at level or ground level Models HSN & HN

Molinstec truck scales are available in all capacities and length of platforms. Basically consist of a concrete platform and an electronic kit. The weighing platform is installed in a concrete pit or level to which metal inserts are added to support and install load cells.

The electronic scale kit consists of a set of load cells with their anchoring systems, a signal cells addition box and a weight indicator. Optionally it is offered weighing software designed by Molinstec, for the registration and administration of all that is weighed on the scale.
One of the most critical issues of scales today are engineering  works for the role they play in the integral weighing system (engineering works, weight sensors, control system, software and communication). Therefore Molinstec has focused much of its investments to ensure adequate human and technical equipment for this stage, becoming the only responsible for our customers regarding the proper functioning of the investment.


• Fully electronic.
• Class III according to OIML for commercial transactions.
• Static and / or dynamic weighing, commercial or by axes (to meet MOP standard)
• Installation on or at floor level.
• Metal platform.
• Capacity: Up to 60 standard tons (higher capacities upon request).
• Standard dimensions of 3.5 m, 10m, 18m and 20m. (Special sizes upon request)


Engineering works for trucks weighing scales of full concrete consist on the construction of cement floor and  foundation or weighing platform. These are made of concrete with a corresponding reinforcement (reinforced concrete).
The construction begins with the definition of location or place of construction and determining the level zero or level (usually supplied by the customer). With the performance of a basic soil mechanics, it is determined whether it is necessary or not to perform an improvement in the area of scale location.
Once excavations works for foundations are done, we proceed with the wall reinforcement in / out and beams slip, topographic leveling of cell holder inserts, positioning of formwork, for subsequent concreting.
Parallel modules are built to suit on foundations and between frontal walls  (considered insulated for critical contact areas).
The engineering works for the metal platform scale filled in concrete end with the concreting of the foundation and it  is necessary to wait for the setting until  getting the design strength, (300 kg/cm2) which is  normally  at 28 days. Modules are installed once the setting has finished the assembly of weight sensor elements, load cells and other electronic components of the system.

About us


MOLINSTEC is a national company with a continual presence in the Chilean market during the last 30 years. From our offices located in Antofagasta, Concepción, Santiago and Puerto Montt. We have been part in the implementation and development of several weighting projects, automation and control in the whole country.