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Civil Engineering


Our company has its own building company, with skilled and dedicated staff specific to this area, allowing us to study and executing all engineering works associated with our products. Our staff is highly qualified to perform soil improvements, construction pits, deck and shed for different types of scales and foundations as well as foundations and structures for the installation of other equipments such as hoppers, tanks, etc. Civil engineers for trucks weighing scales consist of constructing the pit and slab or the weighing platform. In case of requirements associated to the civil engineer field, Molinstec performs construction works such as, metal sheds, houses or offices in masonry, wood or metal. In residential works we do pavements or above grade level access, rainwater collectors and wastewater, drinking water matrices and risk networks, lining sidewalks, landscaping and the necessary work to complete projects associated with our scales.



MOLINSTEC is a national company with a continual presence in the Chilean market during the last 30 years. From our offices located in Antofagasta, Concepción, Santiago and Puerto Montt. We have been part in the implementation and development of several weighting projects, automation and control in the whole country.