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Corporate Compromises


To give our best to accomplish excellence in our work; reaching the quality standards required by our customers; offering a timely assistance to make a difference as a Company. According to the goals and values considered important in our organization.



Our offer is based on a continue compromise for improving all levels of the organization by training and motivating all the staff giving them the necessary resources and means to reach our goals.



Promote and ensure staffs care introducing risk prevention systems, advising all personnel about unsafe actions or conditions as well as accepting suggestions which could improve the working conditions ensuring the integrity of all employees.




To accomplish all commitments and challenges in our everyday work, giving to our work the particular know how and skills, making a proper and rational use of the technical, physical, financial and informational resources, supporting continuous improvements in our processes, products and services that allow us to get the best value-quality-money compliance..

Putting all our efforts in being a proactive company to eliminate or reduce the environmental impacts of our processes, providing the resources necessary to make a clean job that safeguards customer property and creating a culture that promotes environmental waste recycling and using green technologies as a way of contributing to sustainability of natural resources..

caja1Team members:
Developing permanent, respectful, and harmonious relationships between our employees and the company. Recognizing and valuing knowledge and experience sharing, teamwork, creativity and professional development as the best tools to achieve personal success, promoting a healthy work in order to support loyalty and the sense of belonging in a professional and personal way.


Keeping a synergistic relationship with our environment, providing help for social development and offering our expertise and infrastructure to train young professionals, making links and actions to improved quality of life for our neighbors, suppliers, customers and workers.


caja1Sustainable Development:
Constantly evaluating the result of our actions to ensure they agree with the vision, mission and organization values stated and immediately changing those actions that may undermine our social and commercial commitment.



MOLINSTEC a national company with a constant presence in the Chilean market during the last 30 years. From our offices located in Antofagasta, Concepción, Santiago and Puerto Montt. We have been part in the implementation and development of several weighting projects, automation and control in the whole country.