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The Company

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Because of the experience and knowledge of our working field and the fact of been present for more than 30 years industrial market, MOLINSTEC decides to implement its own Calibration Laboratory, in order to offer services of calibration for weighing equipment in response to the companies requirements that must meet certification requests for their calibration and weighing equipment.

MOLINSTEC LAB performed all work under the requirements of the Chilean Standard NCh.ISO 17025. Of 2005, and it has implemented a system of quality management with a competent and experienced staff to assure customers technically valid results. We are in process of INN accreditation as a calibration lab in mass scale, equipped with high precision comparators, whose measurements reach the highest level.
Currently MOLINSTEC LAB has referenced patterns of mass traceable on NIST Standard U.S., giving accurate measurements to our customers to ensure traceability of their weighing equipment. We have an equipment of first class, two fully equipped trucks with lift system and patterns of mass of 500 kg for high tonnage calibrations, a mass calibration lab with patterns of different capacities.

We also have excellent metrologists allowing us to respond to national trade and industry. Count on us for support in maintaining your own quality system and entrust us the calibration of your weighing equipment. You will receive a prompt and clear service.

Our calibration services cover a wide range of laboratory and industrial weighing equipment in the ranges:

a) 1mg - 1000g on weighing instruments class I, II, III and IIII
b) 1mg - 60 kg on weighing instruments class II, III, IIII
c) 1mg - 60,000 kg on weighing instruments class I, II, III and IIII
We are also accredited in the area of pattern of mass calibration from:
a) 1g-20 kg on patterns of mass in class M1, M2 and M3.
b) 500 kg on class M2 and M3



MOLINSTEC is a national company with a continual presence in the Chilean market during the last 30 years. From our offices located in Antofagasta, Concepción, Santiago and Puerto Montt. We have been part in the implementation and development of several weighting projects, automation and control in the whole country.