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Axle weighing scale model IN/320/IN320D



• Fully electronic.
• Complies with the Ministry of Public Works (MOP in Chile)
• Dynamic or static weighing.
• Metallic Platform 0.5 x 3.0 x 0.20 m.
• Axle Capacity: 20 tons.
• Junior Division: 20-10 kilos. (Dynamic to static) 


Designed to meet the standard of MOP for load handler companies according to Article 54 of Decree No. 294 of MOP, amended by the Law 19.171

Consisting of a metal platform supported on load cells (weight sensor elements), which allows the performance of weight measurement. The whole platform-cells are hiden  in a pit constructed in reinforced concrete specially designed to support the platform and its load.

It has a specially designed software to meet the standards required by the MOP, and also allows load control entering and leaving the company.


• Connection to peripherals: computer networks, barriers, remote indicators, handling of control signals.
• Data transmission system via radio frequency.
• Automatic weighing system (scale operator not required).
TAG Identification Systems, RFID, Barcode, etc.
• Set of electronic security.
• Control and management Software.
• Civil works for construction of pit, unleveled accesses, drains, cabins, etc.
• Preventive maintenance plans.


This equipment is intended for weight management MOP, so its error is not comparable with that provided by a commercial scale of full platform.

About us


MOLINSTEC is a national company with a continual presence in the Chilean market during the last 30 years. From our offices located in Antofagasta, Concepción, Santiago and Puerto Montt. We have been part in the implementation and development of several weighting projects, automation and control in the whole country.